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Chinese Name: Sucralose
Molecular Formula: C12H19Cl3O8
National Standard Number: GB25531-2010
Molecular Weight: 397.64
Chemical Name: 4,1 ', 6', - trichloro -4,1 ', 6', - the three deoxy galactose-type sugar.
Property: White powder product, easily soluble in water, ethanol and methanol. is the only sucrose as raw materials to produce functional sweetener, 650 times as sweet as sugar, sweet pure, sweet taste is very close to the sucrose, no Any bitter after taste; no calories, no cavities, good stability, especially in the particularly stable in aqueous solution.
Quality Standard: FCCV, USP
Package: Aluminum package, paper plate or packed according to teh requirements of customers
Sucralose is a kind of idealist sweateners.
1.high sweaten. It is 600-650 times of sucrose. .
2.Great thermal stability. It is suitable for High-temperature sterilization in food processing, spray drying, baking, extrusion and other processes.
3.The energy value is zero and it cause no fat..
4.Great stability and solubility, The applicative scope is wide.
5.It is water soluble. It is suitable for carbonated beverage filling production line of high-speed
1.Sucralose can be widely used in various beverages, dairy products, candy, wine, bread, cakes, ice cream, jam, jelly, pudding and other foods.
2.High-temperature processing of foods, such as baked foods to add Sucralose, Sucralose Property in the continued high temperature is stability, without any of the sweet mellow .
3.Fermented foods, such as fermented in, Sucralose sweetness from the influence of alcohol, but also can ease the unique spicy taste wine.
4.Health food and medicine for obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes use of low-sugar products, and outsourcing pharmaceutical excipients.
5. Canned fruits, preserves food production.

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